4 from 3 ain’t bad: what we love about our AIA nominated projects


Three projects we’ve built claimed 4 titles at the Australian Institute of Architecture Regional Awards. From this, the architects we worked with go on to the State awards in June – fingers crossed for some wins!

These are the projects that won and while we’re not an official judge, we thought we’d share our thoughts as to why each project is such a standout.

South Stradbroke House
Stradbroke House Nomination

South Stradbroke House by Gabriel Poole in collaboration with Tim Bennetton Architects – Gold Coast House of the Year

When esteemed architect Gabriel Poole announces he is working on his last major residential project and wants to sign you on as the builder, you don’t say no! Jumping at the chance to work with not only Gabriel but Tim Bennetton on a remote island location, we packed up the company and relocated to the Gold Coast for 12 months to see this South Stradbroke Island project realised.

Jetting to work each day on a boat across the broadwater was definitely a highlight and we hold fond memories of our time working here. Never before was collaboration so alive than in this project – architects, owner and us as the builder met regularly to steer each decision of this family holiday home.

Gabriel’s signature pavilions were realised in grand construction style. Industrial detail met with delicate finishes. We got to experiment with materials that could withstand oceanfront conditions. We participated in the prototyping of pod style daybeds with removable awnings that allow for sleeping under the stars at night.

A dream job for an amazing client with a true visionary legend of the architectural world. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Northshore Pavilion
Northshore Pavilion Nomination

Northshore Pavilion by Anna O’Gorman – Small Project Architecture & Sustainable Architecture

Our first foray into public architecture and the most beautiful project as our introduction to this world. Public spaces are a passion of ours – anything that contributes positively to bettering our communities has us tying our personal goals with our professional ones.

Northshore gave us an opportunity to realise the transformation of a flat, barren, nondescript landscape into something usable and beautiful. Commissioned by Economic Development Queensland, situated in Hamilton, right next to the Eat Street markets, Northshore’s purpose is to facilitate handing out information to the public about the upcoming developments in the area as well as providing shelter and free wifi.

The dramatic roofline was created with timber reclaimed from the wharf that used to be here, each plank fixed into place individually by the Charles Warren crew, harnessed and dangling from the ceiling beams.

Working with beautiful materials in somewhat challenging conditions (we built this in February in the midst of the Brisbane heat) has Northshore stand out as one of our personal favourites.

Yeronga House
Yeronga House Nomination

Yeronga House by Tim Bennetton Architects

We contributed the landscape part of this project and while sometimes, landscaping is left and forgotton as part of a project, this was not the case with Yeronga House.

Bringing the front of this home to life was a priority for the owners. They foresaw how the natural street position of the home could encourage community and provide an amazing outdoor space for the owner’s family and friends to congregate.

Carpentry work abounded in this with custom built outdoor seating and street placed planter boxes in an integrated design.

N.B Professional photos to come…

So there you go! What a great outcome for our architects and we look forward to attending the awards in June to cheer them on. Follow our Instagram to keep up to date on any wins.

Lee L